Cathy Deddeck


  • Acreditation Governance Committee – Region
  • Halton Conservation Authority Board
  • Halton Regional Diversity Advisory Committee
  • Regional Elders Services Advisory Committee
  • Oakville Heritage Committee
  • Site Plan
  • CAO
  • In Zone Committee
  • South Central Public Lands Study Committee
  • Halton Housing
  • Health & Social Services
  • Halton Housing Advisory Committee
  • Kerr Village BIA
  • Kerr Street Community Consultation Committee
  • Striking Committee for Regional Committees
  • Regional Audit Committee
  • Terry Fox Run Committee
  • K9 Lions Foundation
  • Santa Claus Committee

Cathy currently serves on the following Council related Committees:

Town of Oakville:

  • Site Plan Committee
  • Community Services Committee
  • CAO Review Committee
  • In Zone Committee
  • South Central Lands Study Committee
  • Oakville Heritage Committee
  • Kerr Village Business Improvement Committee
  • Kerr Street Community Consultation Committee

Region of Halton:

  • ESAC – Elder Services Advisory Committee
  • Halton Housing Corporation
  • Health & Social Services
  • Halton Housing Advisory Committee
  • Chair, Halton Diversity Advisory Committee
  • Halton Conservation Authority Board

Community Involvement:

  • Terry Fox Committee
  • Santa Claus Parade Committee
  • K 9 Lions Club
Cathy has a strong record of always being able to achieve the best results possible for the residents of Ward 2.

Her involvement early on in the process, and her ongoing communication with residents, the applicants and community groups throughout the development process enables them to make well informed decisions regarding development applications.

Here are a few of the applications that Cathy has worked on with the surrounding residents and broader community.
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Harvest Bible Lands

174 Brookfield

Old Fantasy Fruit Market Site on Lakeshore Road

An original application was submitted by the applicant in 2006

The application was for a Senior’s Residence comprised of 140 Units and 4 storeys in height

Due to a lack of support for this application the original applicant sold the property to another developer in 2007

The original application that the next applicant suggested 22 Lots and amendment to change the zoning from the existing R02 designation.

Cathy moved a denial of their application at the Council level.

When the applicant appealed the application to the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) a settlement was reached:

The development is now comprised of 14 single detached homes. 3 lots facing onto Belvedere Drive would remain zoned as RO2. The remaining lots would be serviced by an internal road which would ensure that the existing streetscape would be maintained, including the preservation of trees along Belvedere.

Hopedale Mall redevelopment – 1515 Rebecca St.

The new owners of the Hopedale Mall complex wanted to revitalize the existing property to create an economically viable shopping centre.

As a long time shopping centre for the existing neighbourhood and surrounding area – residents were supportive of the improvements but had concerns regarding traffic, change in use, parking, and massing of new structures.

The final compromise enabled the resident’s concerns to be addressed yet still provide a revitalized community mall for the area.

Possible new drive thru location

At one time there was some speculation of introducing a drive thru facility at the southeastern quadrant of the Hopedale Mall property (where the existing Brewers Retail is situated).

Concerns were raised about the increase of traffic on Rebecca, additional garbage, noise, idling of cars, etc. Around that time the Town initiated a town wide study to deal with drive thrus in the community –  the study obtained input from both the community and the stakeholders to suggest where drive thrus were appropriate (in terms of setbacks) and where they were not. The existing guidelines the Town had were not enforceable and as a result mitigating problems after a facility was opened was often problematic.

At the completion of the study Council endorsed a bylaw that permitted the existing drive thrus to remain and direct future drive thrus to be located along major arterial roadways.

St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School Redevelopment

The original plan submitted by the HCDSB indicated a road entrance off Lakeshore Road (across from Holyrood) and the potential loss of many trees on the property.

Upon hearing the concerns that were expressed by the immediate area the HCDSB revised the plan and removed the Lakeshore access and shifted the building envelope to accommodate the retention of trees.

Concerns relating to the introduction of field lighting and artificial turf on the proposed track and field location resulted in the Town introducing a “Lighting Study” to study the lighting issue further. Upon hearing that additional school sites were going to be introduced in other locations the need for this study became increasingly evident.

To facilitate the project moving forward Cathy proposed a motion that everything other than the lighting plan of the application be approved so as to permit the construction to commence.

The results of the lighting study have now been adopted by Council and the HCSB is currently designing a plan to meet the new regulations.

DND (old Department of National Defense Land)

Property is located in the Rebecca and Dorval area.

After walking the property during the 2003 election Cathy was astounded to see how many of the homes were remaining empty and not being used

Early on in her first term she approached the federal, regional and local government to push for the redevelopment and revitalization of the site

In 2010, with the combined efforts of the current MP, Terence Young, Mayor Burton and the Ward 2 Councillors the property was finally transferred/sold from the Dept. of National Defense to the Canada Lands Corporation (CLC).

CLC is working with the Town of Oakville and the local community through a public planning consultation process (which is anticipated to commence this fall).

The CLC has already hosted a public meeting this past July to introduce themselves to the community and answer their questions/concerns.

394 Lakeshore Road West (the Lambert Smye Estate)

The applicant introduced a Zoning Amendment application to rezone the lands from Residential, Detached Dwellings (R01) to Residential, Detached Dwellings (R02) with reduced front yard setbacks, changes to the rear yard setbacks and increased building heights for some of the units as well as the deeming of the private road as a public road for zoning purposes. The Plan of Condominium proposes to create 23 condominium units and a common elements road. One of the lots is proposed to contain the Lambert-Smye house which Council has initiated an Intention to Designate (heritage property).

Cathy moved that the application be refused in keeping with staff’s recommendations and the application is currently being appealed at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).

Garden Drive/Maurice Drive

Planning staff’s original recommendation was that the area be permitted a height of 6 – 8 storeys at the corner of Rebecca/Dorval and along Lakeshore Rd and Dorval – which would result in a designation of high to medium density over the site.

Cathy introduced, on behalf of herself and Councillor Oliver, a motion at Council to designate the properties as medium to low density. Which was in keeping with what the area residents and the broader community wanted to see implemented on the site.

134 – 150 Lakeshore Road West (the old Wimpey’s and Agabi restaurant site)

The original owner proposed a development with a height of 16 storeys along Lakeshore Road.

Cathy moved that this be denied and council unanimously endorsed this motion. It was subsequently appealed to the OMB and more recently an amendment was submitted to amend the height to 9 storeys. The most recent proposal of 9 storeys was dismissed at the OMB. The property is currently for sale.

42 Lakeshore Road West

The applicant proposed a development in excess of the existing 4 storey height limit.

Through ongoing efforts with the West Harbour Residents, the developer, and the Ward 2 councillors the end result was a LEED certified building with 5 storeys along Chisholm and the rear of the property. Retention of the large magnolia tree and heritage designated house on the property.

Empire Communities

The original application proposed 536 units in 3 towers   15 / 18 / 21 floors

Through ongoing work with the West River Residents association a settlement was achieved:

2 buildings 10 & 14 storeys  320 units

Kerr Improvements $400,000.00                 
Roadway Improvements on Kerr Street

There is currently an appeal at the OMB (Sept 2010) to request the following proposal

  • 2 towers (21 and 19 storeys) joined by a 3 storey podium;
  • 533 residential units; ( 3 less than the original

When considered at Council Cathy moved denial of their application in keeping with the Planning Dept’s recommendations

Outdoor skating rink at Forster Park
The West River Residents Association approached the Ward 2 Councillors and the Town of Oakville regarding the opening of an outdoor ice rink at the Forster Park location.

Cathy worked with staff to co-ordinate efforts within the Town to move this initiative forward.  Result – a very well used and enjoyed ice rink for the West River community ….largely in part due to the many volunteers in the area who make this such a success!

Oakville Arena
Revitalization and preservation

Splash Pad coming to Forster Park
This fall the construction of a badly needed splash pad will commence at Forster Park – opening in 2011

Trafalgar Park
Improvements to the baseball diamonds so that major tournaments can be hosted in the Oakville community.

Coronation Park
Improved splash pad
New washroom and facilities building

Kinoak Arena
2010 we introduced our first indoor skateboard site

Westwood Square
Work has begun to create a meeting place and passive recreational area for residents and visitors.  The first stage is commencing this fall and with sufficient funding the 2nd stage will conclude next year.

West Harbour improvements
An extensive 10 year capital plan has been initiated for the west side of Oakville’s downtown harbour.

Infrastructure improvements have been badly needed for some time now and this plan will go a long way in addressing both the boating and community at large.

In working with the T.A. Blakelock School Council, Cathy addressed the safety concerns in the area. Flashing lights were implemented so as to provide student safety.

Replaced the crosswalk on Rebecca Street with a pedestrian activated traffic signal (permits safe crossing to take place yet does not impede the normal flow of traffic when it isn’t needed)

Replaced the crosswalk on Third Line with a pedestrian activated traffic signal

St. Augustyne/Maurice Drive area
Cathy listened carefully and acted on behalf of those in the area which resulted in preventing the implementation of proposed changes to the existing roadways in the area.

Halton Habitat for Humanity has been trying for the past 10 years to get approval and support of a Habitat build in the Oakville community.

Finally, a site was located on town owned surplus lands in the Elmwood Road area. Two homes are currently being built on the site enabling 2 existing Kerr area families to own a home of their own.

Kerr Village
In early 2003 the Kerr St. Revitalization Report was completed. One of the recommendations in that comprehensive report was the suggestion that a Business Improvement Area (BIA) be created. In 2005 the Kerr Village BIA was formed to enhance and attract business in the Kerr St. area. Since the inception of the BIA Cathy has served as the Council representative on the BIA Board and has worked together with the BIA members to bring new business investments into the area.

Through the hard work and support of local businesses, the Town, Kerr community and the BIA Board – the Kerr business area has seen considerable changes occur within their district. Those changes have created positive results for both business and residential owners.

Kerr has become a vibrant and “happening” business district that continues to offer different and exciting services to their customers.

Speers Road
Cathy and her colleague Fred Oliver continue to work with prospective investors in considering the possible redevelopment of the Oaktown Plaza at the top of Kerr St. and Speers. The area is ideal for revitalization and could be the location of a new and innovative development proposal.

The Kerr Street Ministries has always played an important role within the Kerr community.

Through the hard work and support of many in the Oakville community – the Kerr Street Dream Centre has finally become a reality.

Cathy has worked behind the scenes to assist moving this project along to completion.

Building upon the work that went into making the Salvation Army Lighthouse Ward 2 location a success…Cathy serves on the Community Council. This provides her the opportunity to hear concerns firsthand and offer assistance when it is needed.

In 2010 the Kerr area was being considered for a possible location of a new methadone clinic in Oakville.

In working constructively with the various stakeholders and especially the Kerr area residents …the clinic did not open at that proposed location and alternative sites are being explored.

The Plan of Kerr Village
In working with Planning staff, the residents' associations, and the broader community.....a innovative planning exercise was designed to obtain public input into the long range plans for the area.
Recently, we received notification of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute selecting“The Plan for Kerr Village” for an Excellence in Planning Award for 2010!

It is a highly coveted award which acknowledges innovation, professional merits, effective implementation and exceptional communication. It demonstrates a high level of distinction and formal recognition in the profession of planning in Ontario.

C3R Transition zoning
As areas evolve over time the commercial and residential properties may have conflicting views on how they want their neighbourhood to progress (in terms of planning) in the future. In working with the West Harbour Residents Association, local merchants/landowners, and Planning staff ......Cathy and her colleague, Fred Oliver, assisted the stakeholders in arriving at a solution that everyone agreed worked best for not today, but well into the future planning of the area.

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