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I've had the pleasure and privilege of representing Oakville's Ward Two at Town Council since 2003.

The challenges of change are all around us. Change and renewal is crucial to a thriving community, however growth should never be at the expense of existing neighbourhoods. In coming years, residents and local business will continue to face the pressures of development, infill and change. Partnership, communication and corroboration are all effective tools in finding outcomes that will improve our community and preserve its proud heritage.

Local Issues: The Top 3

Infill Development

Pressure on stable neighbourhoods has increased.

Throughout Ward 2 residents are under increasing pressure from infill development. Due to the preference by builders to utilize everything available under current by-laws, new infill development results in several differences when compared with the older homes around them. These include:
  • Increased building height
  • Less distance between homes
  • Homes that extend farther into back yards
  • Increased massing
  • Loss of mature vegetation

During the Process
Throughout the building cycle, residents also face issues such as mud tracking on roads, early morning/late night noise, dust, endangerment to mature trees, parking that blocks road access and many more.

Your Rights
There are some protections in place for our older stable neighbourhoods such as a noise by-law, controls over where vehicles can park, the need to keep the areas surrounding a building site clean, etc.

If you have concerns visit www.oakville.ca/residents/neighbour-construction.html or call Service Oakville at 905-845-6601 and ask to be directed to the correct department that oversees your issue.Be sure to tell the attendant you want your Ward Councillor to be advised of your call.

Increased Traffic and Speeding

Are there answers?
The pressures of a growth and increasing population have also affected how drivers behave on local roads and streets. Complaints and comments regarding behaviours such as aggressive driving, speeding, cars using side streets as short cuts and drivers ignoring the basic rules of the road are on the rise.

The following may be of assistance:

Police Enforcement - In cases where you observe repeated violations, you can submit a traffic complaint to the Halton Regional Police Service that involves a reoccurring issue at a specific location(s). The traffic complaint should outline the location(s) within Oakville, what the traffic issue is, the frequency, time of day and any observations made by the complainant. These reports will be reviewed by the District Response Unit and will be investigated.

Traffic Calming - The Town of Oakville undertakes traffic calming measures in problem areas across town. To understand how the program works, please visit:

Stormwater, Flooding and Aging Infrastructure

What's Ahead?
Ward Two has a wide variety of infrastructure types. Some homes are located on streets with curbs, catch basins and storm sewers; others have open ditches and culverts. No matter where you're located, infrastructure will play a bigger and bigger role in the future. Climate change, population growth and infill all affect our ability to deal with drainage.

The condition of roads, the ability to move traffic effectively and the provision of cycle paths are all factors in how we conduct the activities of our daily lives, whether it be for business or daily living.

These areas are of great importance over the next decade and a number of projects are slated to begin that are aimed at maintaining or improving our infrastructure. These include:
  • design work and land acquisitions for the reconstruction and widening of Speers Road form the GO Station west of Third Line to Fourth Line.
  • the ongoing road resurfacing preservation program and increased facilities for active transportation
  • new storm sewer construction between Third Line and Woodhaven
  • renewal and updating of Bridge Road
  • Kerr Street grade separation from Speers Road to QEW. Follow this link for more information.